Pre-Bent Non-Directional Polypropylene ™ Artificial Putting Greens 

Hands Down - More Pro Golfers Choose Polypropylene putting green for their own practice putting green

Missing Putts

For years the heavy sand infill straight bladed polypropylene putting green surfaces has been the preferred choice (companies like Southwest Putting Greens and All Pro Putting Greens).

The old straight bladed polypropylene yarn came with a few drawbacks. One being the extensive labor it takes to properly bend and sand infill the synthetic grass blades.

This in itself has stopped a number of the professional landscapers and the majority of the do it yourselfers (DIY) from even trying to install the old polypropylene putting green material. Now those days are behind us...

The solution lies in our new exclusive Pre-Bent Non-Directional Polypropylene yarn.

The ATPG bent grass blade was designed to have most advanced memory built into it, making it the strongest adjustable yarn fiber manufactured to date. This technology is truly the best Pre-Bent Non-Directional ™ surface chosen by thousands of golfers for their new backyard putting green area.

Simply put, thousands of golfers agree it stands head and shoulders over all others” that has tried to duplicate it with yarns that were originally designed to be a thatch (filler) for artificial lawn turfs…

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